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YES Center

The Future is bright!

For the next two years Esprit is sponsoring schools in selected supplier countries. The Yes Center is a project that was initiated by Esprit and the You Foundation and the first school was inaugurated in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, on November 14, 2016. The objective of the joint project is to provide education to young people with limited opportunities.

The aim is to teach 400 students between 15 and 22 years old, 60% of whom are girls and young women. Within the next two years, they will gain knowledge in six different subjects: safety and quality management, English, computer training, accounting, gender equality and human rights.

We are convinced that education is key to sustainably improving standards in the textiles industry and to empower the youth in these countries.

At Esprit, we are committed to be a responsible, caring employer and business partner. To fulfill our responsibility in society, we founded the Esprit Cares Trust in 1993 to support charity related activities. All efforts made by the Esprit Cares trust are strictly tied to a legally defined set of charitable causes. Therefore we are happy that we have created a project with the Yes Center that perfectly meets all the requirements.

According to the agenda of the United Nations, education ranks at the top in the pursuit for peace, wealth, health, equality and fairness for everyone on this planet.

New uniforms, happy graduates – Esprit’s YES Center in Bangladesh

Sometimes all it takes is one word to inspire – this time it’s YES! The students at the Esprit YES Center in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, had plenty to celebrate – last month Esprit ceremonially handed out specially designed school uniforms to each of the YES Center’s students, while 80 new empowered graduates received their diploma for completing their Management Skills courses. Way to go!

Esprit was able to produce both female and male school uniforms that meet local requirements with the help of Esprit suppliers in Bangladesh. The new uniforms were distributed for a good cause: to inspire the Center’s students and to inform them about the textiles industry – an industry that employs millions of people in Bangladesh and holds huge potential for the future. To round off the day, a special guest lecturer provided the students with useful information on the textiles industry and informed them about potential employment opportunities and required qualifications for applicants. It was a great chance for the students to gain firsthand knowledge about the industry and to establish a personal connection to experts in the sector.